Making Financial Arrangements For Your Funeral: How To Get Started

Posted on: 28 December 2021


Funeral pre-arrangement plans involve making preparations to cover the cost of your own funeral, while also forming an idea of what you want the funeral to include. It's difficult to know what financial arrangements to make without knowing which costs will need to be covered.

Your Own Preferences

As a starting point, you need to think about your own funeral preferences, allowing you to learn the costs involved. This then indicates the level of financial coverage that your funeral pre-arrangements will need. 

Basic Funeral Needs

Not all farewells are expensive. For example, you may have done your research and decided upon direct cremation. This is when your remains are transported from the place of death directly to the crematory for immediate cremation. Any funeral service to follow can be as low-key or lavish as desired. It can be a simple memorial service at the home of a family member or friend. If your own funeral needs are basic, there can be little sense in establishing a funeral plan or taking out funeral insurance. It can be sufficient to start a payable-on-death bank account. You simply pay small amounts into the account until the costs of your direct cremation are covered with your nominated beneficiary being able to collect the funds once proof of death is provided.

More Involved Needs

Although a direct cremation is an understated and relatively inexpensive option, you may have your heart set on your own funeral being more traditional when the time comes. If you wish to have a traditional funeral with numerous guests followed by burial or cremation, you will need to make the financial arrangements that allow these costs to be covered.

Funeral Plans and Insurance

Financial arrangements for a traditional funeral are better covered with a funeral plan or insurance. This involves monthly contributions, which lead to a predetermined payout when the amount is needed. Admittedly, this is a generalized description, and it's important to realize that different funeral plans serve different purposes, each with its own inclusions and exclusions. It's vital to read the terms and conditions to ensure your next of kin are able to easily claim the agreed amount when needed, while also being sure that the various financial components of your funeral preferences will be covered by the plan. Ask for an itemized list of inclusions so you can be sure what the plan covers. 

It's important to have some idea of your own funeral needs before you can know which financial pre-payment arrangements must be made.