What Services Your Family Can Expect From A Funeral Home

Posted on: 4 August 2021


The death of a member of the family is one of those things that can be very painful to experience. Preparing to gather friends and family together can add a lot of stress to an already difficult circumstance. One thing that can help alleviate some of the stress and difficulty of the death of someone you love is the help of a funeral home that has all the services you need. Funeral homes offer several services that you may want to know more about.

Preparation for the Burial

While some people elect to help with some preparations of the body, it is most common for the funeral home to wash, embalm, and dress the deceased. They will also help with casket arrangements. Some funeral homes have caskets available for purchase, or they can help you purchase one from wherever you want. As part of the preparation, the funeral home will prepare the casket, and they will lay the body in the casket. They will make sure that everything is ready for the viewing.

Viewing and Funeral Services

While some people elect to have viewings and funeral services at a church, many people elect to have it at the funeral home. Many funeral homes have large rooms that will seat a lot of people and all of the equipment to hold a funeral service. As part of the funeral services, you can expect they can help you with preparing programs, providing music, and helping with flower arrangements that you pick out. Some funeral homes even help families with multimedia presentations that include videos and photos of the deceased to be a part of the funeral services. 

Funeral Transport and Burial

The funeral home will also help with funeral transportation. Primarily, funeral homes provide transport of the casket, but many homes also include vehicles for transporting family members from the funeral to the gravesite. The funeral home will coordinate everything with the cemetery, including the digging of the site for the casket. They will also help you purchase a headstone and arrange to have it placed at the site once the casket is buried. The funeral home will also help you conduct additional services at the gravesite if that's something your family wishes.

Knowing what you can expect from funeral services can be a relief. There is a lot of planning that goes into a funeral, and it's nice to work with professionals who are compassionate and helpful in all the important aspects of planning.