The Benefits Of Planning Out Your Memorial Service Before You Pass

Posted on: 26 May 2021


You may want your loved ones and friends to remember you in certain ways after you die. These memories are often reinforced during your final services before you are laid to rest.

To ensure that people remember you as you prefer, you can take an active hand in planning out these services. You can take advantage of what planning out your memorial service can offer to you and those that you will leave behind.

Choosing Pictures and Videos

When you plan out your own memorial service, you can choose what pictures and videos of you to use in the final services. You may not want any unflattering or embarrassing pictures to be shown during your memorial service. You want people to remember your best looks and moments while you were alive.

You can provide the funeral home where you plan your memorial service with copies of the pictures and videos of you that you want to be used in your final services. The funeral home can prepare and have them ready to show during your final services.

Choosing Religious Prayer and Readings

You also may have specific religious preferences that you want to be observed during your memorial service. Your friends and family members may not know what these preferences are. They may not observe these practices themselves and may not be inclined to include them if they were to plan your memorial service on their own.

However, you can take charge and plan for what prayers and readings to include in your memorial service. The funeral home planner that you work with can write down the preferred religious prayers and readings. Your funeral home planner will make sure that they are included in your memorial service after you are gone.

Finally, when you plan out your own memorial service, you can choose how you would like to be laid to rest. You can plan ahead for a traditional burial in a casket. You can also preplan for a cremation and the scattering of your ashes after your memorial service. You avoid having to leave this choice up to your relatives and friends after you die.

You can plan ahead now for your memorial service by working with a trusted funeral home. The funeral home can write down your plans for what prayers and readings that you want to be included. It can use pictures and videos that you provide and follow your instructions for burial preferences.