Primary Reasons For Why Many People Choose Cremation Over Burial

Posted on: 19 February 2021


Traditional funerals often entail services that many families cannot afford. Funeral homes must charge for services like embalming, dressing of the deceased's remains, and transport of the deceased from the morgue to the funeral home, church, and cemetery.

All of these services can add up to tens of thousands of dollars that you do not want your family to have to pay. You can keep your final arrangements simpler and more cost-effective by choosing cremation.

Fewer Services

Cremation typically entails fewer services that families must worry about after loved ones pass away. After you die, you can leave in your will that you want your remains to be taken directly from your home, hospice, or hospital to the crematory. Your family must only cover the cost of transporting your remains for one trip.

Further, cremation can typically take place the same or the next day after you die. You do not have to pay for additional services, such as embalming or dressing your body. You can opt out of having a wake or visitation, which can add several thousands of dollars more to your final expenses.

Finally, when you choose cremation, you do not have to pay to be buried. A traditional burial can cost thousands of dollars in and of itself. You must pay for services like opening and closing the grave, as well as the time of the funeral and cemetery staff. With cremation, you can choose to have your ashes scattered rather than buried.

Less Expense

When you do not have to pay for services like embalming or dressing, you keep your final expenses as cost-effective as possible. In fact, cremation can cost a fraction of the price of a traditional funeral. You can typically even pay off cremation services in a matter of weeks if you plan and pay ahead for them.

The cost-effectiveness in turn spares your family from having to face an enormous financial burden as they say goodbye to you. You can leave them more money in your life insurance or estate. You avoid laying out plans that cost tens of thousands of dollars and place monetary stress on your survivors.

Cremation can offer benefits not found with traditional funeral or burial plans. It entails fewer services and can be carried out faster than a regular funeral. It can also cost a fraction of the price and avoid a financial burden.

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