Deceased Military And Funeral Services

Posted on: 30 July 2020


Loved ones in the military who pass away will often be provided with special funeral services and traditions during funeral and burial ceremonies. A funeral home can help you with these services, but you do have some options available to you. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Military Honors Ceremony

Large military funerals are often an option if your loved one died while carrying out their military duties. However, for retired military personnel, this is not an option. In this case, you can arrange for a private military honor burial. You should speak with your funeral director about this. They can contact the local Veterans Affairs office to make arrangements.

The office can arrange for an honor guard to appear at the burial site.  The honor guard will fold the flag placed on the deceased's casket and it will be presented to the next of kin. Also, they will play "Taps" on a horn. 

If possible, several honor guards can be arranged who will carry the casket and fire rounds into the air to honor your loved one's service. And the military professionals will remain on site during the entirety of the funeral ceremony until it is over. While the services are carried out with extreme professionalism, you may have the opportunity to discuss your loved one's service with the honor guard. This is possible as well during receptions planned at Local American Legion or VFW centers.

Military Burial

Every service professional is given the opportunity for burial at a military cemetery. These cemeteries include state veterans facilities, national parks, and Arlington cemetery. And, the facility can be chosen by you and arrangements are then made with the government through your funeral director. Availability and scheduling must be arranged and may change your original funeral plans, so keep this in mind.

The government will pay for the cost of the burial if it occurs in a national cemetery. However, you will need to provide evidence of your loved one's service. There are special forms that must be filled out and you will need paperwork that shows an honorable discharge from the military. 

If you are interested in a burial at Arlington National Cemetery, you should understand that there are more stringent regulations and eligibility requirements that your loved one must meet. However, there are different requirements when it comes to above and below ground interment and your funeral director can assist you with eligibility determinations.