3 Advantages Of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Posted on: 13 March 2019


It is not a surprise that eventually you are going to pass away. When you pass away, arrangements will need to be made for your body, burial, and your funeral or memorial service as well as your burial. Planning your funeral in advance gives you control over how you exit this world.

#1 Choose the Right Services

When you pre-plan your funeral, you can choose the services that are right for you. Do you want to be buried? Then you can choose the funeral home that will pick up your body, the location that will prepare your body, and the coffin your body is placed in. If you want to be cremated, you can choose the cremation parlor and the urn you want your ashes placed in.

Pre-planning allows you to determine what services you want and allows you to personally pick out your coffin or urn. If you want a memorial stone, you can also choose the stone and inscription.

Choosing the services, you need ahead of time will allow you to either budget for these expenses, or pre-pay for these expenses. Pre-paying will ensure that when your time comes, your family will not have to worry about paying for your burial and funeral.

#2 Plan How You Want the Ceremony to Go

Next, when you pre-plan your funeral, you can choose all the elements of your ceremony. You can select the music numbers to be played. If there are specific scriptures, poems, or other material you want to be read at your funeral, you can choose that material. You can write your own eulogy or make notes on what you want the religious figure presiding over your funeral to say. You can even make a list of the specific people you would like to potentially speak at your funeral. You can write out and plan how your loved ones celebrate you as you leave this world.

#3 Reduce Stress for Your Loved One

Finally, pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral package will help reduce the stress on your loved ones as they deal with your exit from life. The more you plan the details of your burial and funeral, the less work your family will have to do. A well-planned funeral will allow your loved ones to focus on taking care and supporting each other, instead of having to put on the hat of event planner while they are grieving.

Pre-planning your funeral will allow you to pre-pay for the services you want. You will be able to orchestrate how your exit from life is celebrated. You will also be able to reduce stress on your loved ones as they grieve.