Want To Be Cremated? Know How You Can Plan For It

Posted on: 22 April 2018


It is common these days for someone to plan their funeral before they pass away. While it isn't exactly an enjoyable thing to do, it is the best way to ensure that you have control over what happens when you die. It also takes the burden off of family members to make these decisions for you. If your decision is that you want to be cremated, here is what you need to know when planning your funeral.

Planning For A Funeral Home

There are a couple of things to consider before you talk to a funeral director. First of all, find out if there is any benefit to paying for your cremation in advance. It is going to be cheaper than a traditional burial, but you can save money by prepaying for everything. This can save money on the eventual increases when prices go up due to inflation.

You'll also want to figure out what will happen if your death occurs in a different city, which can either be from moving or being on a vacation. There may be charges unaccounted for to move your body, which you should be aware of.

It will help to let trusted family members know what your intentions are for a funeral. Let people know you made arrangements already, and if they have been paid for. Keep important documents in a place that people know about, since hiding it away somewhere may mean that nobody finds the documents by the time the funeral comes.

Planning For The Service

You can also take time to plan out what your funeral service will be like. You can write down specific things that you want to be read to the people that come to the funeral, or have remarks in mind for other people to say. For example, you can include stories that you want someone to share.

Using cremations can be difficult for those attending a funeral because some guests feel like they need to see a body to say goodbye to that person properly. It is important that care is put into how the ashes are displayed at the funeral because of this. Surround the urn with photographs, things that were important to you, and small personal touches, so people feel like they get one last memory of you that is positive. Keep track of what you want displayed, even going as far as picking out photos and frames that are ready to go.

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