3 Considerations About The Clothing Your Deceased Loved One Will Wear During Cremation

Posted on: 25 March 2018


When you choose to have a recently deceased family member placed in an open casket for the funeral service, you'll likely confer with other family members to select an outfit for the body to wear. However, when you opt for cremation, you may be unsure how to proceed regarding attire.

While your funeral home director can help you to better grasp the process and how you need to proceed, it's useful to have a basic understanding of the clothing aspect of cremation. For starters, bodies are cremated with clothing on, which you may not have known. Here are some other considerations.

You Can Dress The Person Up

Some families choose to dress their deceased family member up in a specific type of apparel before cremation. Whether the person has passed in the hospital or at home, you can choose clothing that you feel carries a special significance, and either put it on him or her or give it to the funeral home director to give to someone at the crematorium. You might think to dress the person in a formal outfit or go a creative route by having the person wear a favorite outfit bought on a special vacation.

You May Favor Keeping The Clothing

While many families move forward with special attire, others feel that parting with this clothing is the wrong idea. For example, you might prefer the idea of keeping your parent's best suit or dress in a hanging bag in your closet, as seeing it will remind you of him or her. This idea can be favorable to losing the clothing during the cremation process. Alternatively, you might wish to donate or sell the clothing, depending on the situation.

You Don't Have To Do Anything Special

It's not a sign of disrespect if you don't want to make special considerations for the person's clothing before he or she is cremated. Remember, the clothing burns up quickly during the process, and no one sees what your loved one is wearing beyond the funeral home attendees who arrive to collect the body and the person who works at the crematorium.

You can feel comfortable sending the body to be cremated in whatever the person was wearing at the time of passing away, even if it was a hospital gown. Many families opt for this idea because it saves the stress and pressure of choosing a specific outfit for cremation.

For more information, contact your local cremation services.