Things To Do With A Loved One's Wedding Ring Before Cremation

Posted on: 12 August 2017


When you're helping an elderly parent preplan his or her funeral, this family member may express an interest in being cremated. If so, you'll want to meet with a funeral director who can answer any questions that you may have about the cremation process. In many cases, your parent will express a desire to be cremated while wearing his or her wedding ring. Unfortunately, many crematoriums ask that such items are removed from a body before it is cremated, which can leave you in the position of coming up with some options to consider for the ring. Here are some ideas that you can share.

Placed In The Urn With The Cremated Remains

Even if the crematorium isn't able to have your parent wearing his or her wedding ring while being cremated, there's no reason that this cherished piece of jewelry cannot be added to the urn before it's given to you. If you plan to keep the urn of your loved one's cremated remains in your home, and your parent likes the idea of the ring always remaining with his or her remains, this is an option that everyone might wish to pursue. Similarly, if you'll be burying the remains in a cemetery plot, you can bury them with the ring.

Given To A Family Member

If you've learned that your parent cannot be cremated with his or her wedding ring on, another idea to consider is for your loved one to give it to a family member. In some cases, a parent will pass his or her wedding ring to a child — an adult daughter may wish to wear her mother's ring on the ring finger of her right hand, while an adult son may like the idea of wearing his father's wedding ring in a similar manner. In other cases, the elderly person may wish to consider leaving his or her wedding ring to a grandchild.

Donated To A Charity

There's also a chance that if your parent cannot be cremated with his or her wedding ring on, he or she may wish to have the piece of jewelry donated to a local charity. Or, alternatively, the ring could be sold to raise funds for a charity close to your parent's heart. As people age, they will often become less attached to material items and more interested in helping others — and the idea of benefiting an important charity with the ring might be something that interests your loved one.

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