The Last Rodeo: Funeral Flowers For A True Cowboy Or Cowgirl

Posted on: 27 July 2017


Saying goodbye to a true cowboy or cowgirl is hard; make sure to pay tribute to a floral display that suits their western-flair and distinct personality. Talk with your florist to create something that reflects the person that has passed, in a tasteful way.

Some funeral flower ideas with western flair include:

A ten-gallon hat. What better send-off for a cowboy or cowgirl than a hat? Check out thrift stores for vintage felt cowboy hats, or talk to your florist about the possibility of having your arrangement displayed inside of this iconic cowboy symbol. These can be placed on a casket, like a spray, or they can be placed near the headstone at an interment site.

Some rope. Use rope in the arrangement, perhaps in lieu of a bow, or to wrap the vase or base of the display. You can also use a coil of rope to hold living plants or arrangements for a unique gift. Your florist may have other ideas for adding rope to the arrangement for a distinctive look.

An old boot. Another sentimental idea is to use a cowboy boot for a small arrangement. The boot is filled with foam and moss, and the flowers extend from the shank, which makes a lean, vertical display that can be placed on the floor, near the headstone, or in a mausoleum.

Equine-themed accents. Consider changing-up your funeral flowers with some equine-themed accents tucked in the arrangement. Look for items such as a spur or a branding iron to nest in the flowers and greenery, for a unique and tasteful option.

A leather-wrapped vessel. Ask your florist if you can have flowers arranged in a leather-wrapped vase. This is a simple detail that makes a big difference in how your arrangement feels and gives it a very western-flavor. Even simple daisies and baby breath look very distinctive when you add a touch of leather.

Western wreaths. Consult with your florist about crafting a wreath shaped like a horseshoe or a brand. These are typically displayed on wire-easels at the service and interment, and they are often available in an endless range of shapes, styles, and sizes for your event.

Use these ideas to come up with one-of-a-kind ideas for funeral flowers that suit a cowboy or cowgirl. Work with your florist to accent and arrange displays that reflect a western aura and that pay proper tribute to the individual.

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