Keeping Your Loved One's Memory Alive

Posted on: 10 July 2017


If you recently lost a loved one, you are most likely distraught over the fact you will no longer be able to spend time with them when you wish. Many people like to take steps in keeping their loved one's memory in their minds to reflect upon whenever they wish. Try some of the following steps so you can remind yourself about the positive times you had spent with the person who had recently passed away.

Keep Your Loved One's Ashes Close By

If you intend on having your loved one cremated, placing their remains in a decorative container to view on a daily basis will aid in keeping memories within reach. Select an enclosure to place on your fireplace mantel, a shelf in your bedroom, or inside a china cabinet where it can be displayed with pride. Wearing a piece of jewelry made for the holding of ashes is another idea. This will be kept on your body, keeping your loved one as close as possible at all times.

Make A Photographic Display

When you have a funeral service for your loved one, consider displaying an array of photographs of them throughout the years. These will be enjoyed by those visiting the funeral parlor and will be sure to get smiles from those who remember your loved one during these times. When the funeral is over, place the photographs in a large picture frame in a collage style. This can be placed in your home to remind you of your loved one each time you pass by this interesting piece of decor. Asking others for photographs to add to your display will also show you happy times your loved one had experienced at times you were not around. Ask those donating photographs to explain the background of each image if desired.

Ask People For Written Memories

In addition to the memories you had shared with your loved one, the memories others had encountered may be uplifting for you as well. Ask those coming to a funeral or cremation service to bring along written material about their memories of your loved one. These can be read out loud during the service to share with others. After the funeral has ended, place this paperwork inside plastic sheet protectors and keep them in a three-ring binder. These memories can then be read again in the future to bring back vivid images of your loved one.

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