Suggestions For Keeping A Journal When You'Re Dealing With Grief

Posted on: 23 May 2017


When you have a high amount of grief in your life, it's important to deal with it in a healthy manner. It's always advisable to schedule some sessions with a grief counselor, for example. He or she will allow you to explain your feelings in an environment that is safe and supportive, while also giving you some suggestions on how you might wish to manage your grief and, in time, work through it. One useful tool for dealing with your grief between your sessions is to keep a journal. By writing in it regularly, you'll often be able to better understand your grief and may have some additional information to share about yourself during your next appointment. Here are some suggestions for keeping your journal.

Don't Censor Your Feelings

Sometimes, different feelings come up when you're in a period of grief that you may be uneasy about sharing — even in your journal. If you've had such feelings, you might not yet have shared them with your grief counselor. However, if they come to your mind as you write, make sure to write them down. Notice any feelings that come up when you write these feelings; perhaps you're feeling guilty about having them. This information is important to share during your next counseling session. For example, some people will feel relief upon the passing of a loved one, but are reluctant to share such a feeling because it may seem inappropriate.

Note When Your Feelings Intensify

Sometimes, you'll experience heightened feelings of grief at certain times of the day. It's useful to note this pattern so that you can share it with your grief counselor during your next session. For example, you might notice more profound feelings of grief each morning when you wake up, but the feelings dissipate throughout the day as you busy yourself with your daily tasks.

Write What Seems To Help

People can manage their grief in a number of ways. And, while simply engaging in an activity that puts your grief out of your mind isn't necessary "working through" the grief, certain activities can be valuable for improving your emotional well-being for a period of time. Write down what things tend to help lessen your grief so that you can share these with your counselor. He or she will likely point out a few healthy methods that you can use in between your appointments. For example, some people find that exercising can help to lessen feelings of grief.

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