Ways That You Can Help A Loved One Going Through Grief Counseling

Posted on: 26 April 2017


When someone you love is going through a period of grief and seeking the care of a counselor, it can be challenging for you to see this person struggling. While consistent appointments with a professional can provide some light at the end of the tunnel of grief, the reality is that it may be a while before your loved one has successfully dealt with this emotion. There are a number of things that you can do during this emotionally trying time to lend your support. You don't necessarily have to sit and talk with your loved one about the grief — this is the professional's job. Instead, here are some suggestions.

Give The Person Some Space

Part of you may be eager for your loved one to feel better, which can result in you constantly asking him or her about how things are going. This sort of constant needling, however, can distract your loved one from the grief management techniques that he or she has been learning during the counseling sessions — actually delaying the person's ability to get through his or her grief. Instead, it's important to give your loved one space. He or she may need lots of time for silent reflection or writing in a journal, and the space that you can provide at this time is a valuable gift.

Take Over Some Household Duties

If you live with the person experiencing the grief, you likely have a good idea of what household duties he or she performs. You can play a helpful role in taking over these tasks while the person manages his or her grief. These can include packing lunches for your children, dusting or vacuuming, shopping for groceries, or mowing the lawn. When you handle these jobs, your loved one will have more time to deal with the grief and, hopefully, will be able to move through it faster.

Book Your Own Counseling Sessions

It's possible that you're so focused on your loved one's grief that you haven't identified your own grief. In some cases, you may be pushing down any emotions that relate to the reason your loved one is grieving, but it's ideal to work on addressing these feelings in the proper manner. You, too, can benefit from some sessions with a grief counselor. You'll be able to talk not only about your grief from whatever the main issue is, but also process any feelings that have come up around your loved one's grief.

For more help and information about grief counseling, contact a center that offers it in your area, such as a local funeral home, like Brown Funeral Home.