When A Loved One Dies: Commemorating Their Memory In A Variety Of Ways

Posted on: 24 April 2017


It is hard to lose a loved one. If a person close to you dies unexpectedly, figuring out what to do with their remains can be a daunting task. When a loved one planned their own funeral, this takes the guesswork out of after life decisions. If your loved one wanted to be cremated, you may have to decide what to do with the ashes. While you can keep the ashes of your loved one on the mantel in a fancy urn, you can also bury the ashes, spread the ashes in a favorite place of the deceased, or turn some of the ashes into commemorative jewelry.

Spreading Ashes in a Favorite Place

You may need to ask permission in certain areas if you want to spread the ashes of a loved one in a public place. While there isn't going to be someone waiting to see where you scatter ashes, it's considerate to use your common sense before spreading ashes of a loved one just anywhere. There are rules when it comes to spreading ashes at sea, and you should always consult a property owner if you want to scatter ashes on public property.

Turning Ashes Into Jewelry

Some people want to keep their loved one's ashes close to their heart forever. An etched silver locket urn is the perfect way to create a keepsake piece of jewelry. Some of the ashes of the deceased are used in the making of the jewelry, and you will always a piece of the person with you. This is a particularly special gift for a younger individual who loses a parent too soon. Consider the idea that you could give your daughter a beautiful necklace on her wedding day that includes a few ashes of her father, and she will forever cherish the gift.

Traditional Burial of Cremated Remains

Another way to deal with the cremated remains of a loved one is to simply have the ashes buried in a cemetery. If they already have a family plot, this can be easy to arrange with the cemetery. You should not do the digging yourself, as there are rules in any cemetery regarding who is buried there. Talk with the caretaker of the cemetery to find out what the rules are regarding cremated remains burial.

When you have ashes from a loved one, you can turn the ashes into a beautiful gift of jewelry that you can keep forever