Funeral Planning: 3 Tips For Creating A Symbolic Send-Off

Posted on: 30 April 2016


There is no shortage of ways to plan a funeral, from a traditional service to celebration of life festivities. No matter what you choose, symbolism can play an instrumental part in any funeral. When you are looking for a special touch, consider ways you can integrate symbolism into the planning.

Use Color

Color is an impactful way of setting the tone at the funeral. Traditionally, people wear black, but splashes of color can be appropriate. Try incorporating your loved one's favorite color. Many people choose to have the casket in their loved one's favorite color or they may limit the color to the lining. Request that attendees find ways to incorporate that color into their outfit. They may choose to wear a black suit, but the shirt, tie, or a small flower pinned to their shirt or hat can be used to represent your loved one.

In sharp contrast to black, white is often used at funerals for children or to represent purity. If your loved one was a child, you may request that everyone wear white to aid in the symbolism. Color can also be incorporated with flowers. Since many flowers have their own unique symbolism, strategic selection of both the flower and its color can add a double meaning.

Incorporate Freedom

Symbolism associated with freedom or the afterlife, in cases of spirituality, are also popular. Doves may be released at weddings, but they can used at funerals for a different reason. The symbolic gesture of doves flying away is often synonymous with the soul or spirit, if it is accordance with your belief system, or being at peace. An easier way to incorporate the same symbolism is with balloons. Tie balloons around during the services and at the end, everyone can untie and release the balloons. If you choose to release balloons, you will have to check with your locality to ensure this is an acceptable practice.

Choose A Meaningful Location

Since it can be difficult or impossible to hold a funeral at locations other than a funeral home or cemetery, consider using a memorial service as a way to increase symbolism. The beach is a beautiful place to hold a memorial service, especially if your loved one enjoyed the water or found peace walking along the beach. Since many people equate the end of life with sunset, hold a memorial service at this hour, where the attendees can watch the sunset. If you and other people will gather on the anniversary of your loved one's passing, consider meeting on the same day each year at sunset.

Funerals are an emotional time, but there is no better way to pay tribute to your loved one than with the silent power of symbolism. With hidden meanings behind numerous colors and objects, there is no shortage of ways to add a unique touch.

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