4 Ways to Plan a Funeral for a Movie Lover

Posted on: 10 July 2015


Losing a loved one can be a challenge, but planning a funeral is an opportunity to honor their life and celebrate their influence on you. If your loved one had a fascination for the cinemas, then there are multiple ways to reflect this love during a funeral. Whether it was a love for a specific genre, era of film, or the celebrities that starred in them, all of these aspects can be featured during a funeral. By working with funeral homes, you can turn the celebration of life into an honorable ceremony that is filled with a lot of different themes.

Browse through the following four ideas and learn how you can implement them in a funeral celebration for your loved one.

Red Carpet Entrance

Movie premieres are known for their red carpets and the same experience can be made for the funeral. As guests head into the funeral home, a red carpet can be laid out as a way to guide them through the entrance. Adding a few Hollywood-style extra touches is a great way to set the mood for the event.

  • Photo Gallery: Red carpets are typically filled with photographers. Instead of someone taking pictures, you can use the aisles of the red carpet to display photos of the loved one. Using scrapbooking supplies, you can easily add Hollywood themes like video camera stickers and a replica of the Hollywood sign. The photo collages are great ways to showcase and honor the life of your loved one.
  • Movie Posters: Line the walls of the entrance aisle with posters of the person's favorite movies. This is a great way to show their personality and love for cinema.

Funeral Music

A majority of funerals feature a soft instrumental music. Instead of the standard tracks, this music can feature film scores from a variety of movies. Composers like Danny Elfman, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer release full soundtracks to movies they've composed on. These tracks can play while guests visit and walk through the funeral home.

The actual written musical compositions are also sold for many film scores. If a live piano or organ player is involved with the funeral, then they could be given the tracks to play. This will add a special and personal touch to the whole event.


Not only do movie lovers have their favorite films, but they also have their favorite quotes and speeches to go along with them. Films often touch upon death and a full life. This is where movie quotes can come in. When planning out an eulogy, you can easily add in movie quotes that relate to your loved one.

A variety of websites offer access to these quotes. There are many free websites can open up a lot of inspiration for your eulogy.

A Cinematic Presentation

Another great way to honor the movie lover in your life is with a cinematic presentation of their own life. Using video clips and photos, you can create a video dedication in the form of a fake movie trailer. By recording a simple voice-over, you can reenact the same process that real trailers use.

For example, you can start the trailer with "He was born in 1972... a young boy with big dreams" and then continue to show baby pictures and childhood videos. The voice over can continue to narrate the person's life in a dramatic fashion. At the end, you can title the movie trailer with the name of the person or something meaningful to their life. It's not only great for a funeral, but it can also be shared by family and loved ones through social media.

Take all of your ideas to the funeral home, as well as other family members who will help plan the event. For more ideas or assistance, visit resources like http://www.hitzemanfuneral.com.